Spencer’s 21st Birthday

Spencer turned 21 on Saturday (10/11/14).  How crazy is that?  Both our boys are over 21 now.

We celebrated as a family that evening.  And I, of course couldn’t resist the urge to record the event for posterity.  Spencer was a sport which made it fun.

We took him to the liquor store on Graham Hill Road for his first legal alcohol purchase, then had dinner at El Jardin’s in Santa Cruz.  Spence had the chimichanga… his usual.  Donna and I were a bit over-served so had to rely on Jack to drive us home.

Jack’s Birthday!

Jack has been hyper busy with school these days.. But he was able to come home from the STEM Center (his home away from home) for long enough last Monday evening (10/6/14) to give us a chance to celebrate his birthday.





Happy Birthday Jack!