We’re Composters Now

We’ve recently gotten into composting!  Now just aren’t we the little gardeners!  Of course I’m the one driving this but Donna, Spencer and I have been talking about it for at least a year… Spencer started the discussion, Donna has been supportive and when I discovered how awesome using compost is for my vegetable garden, I became a convert.

But what next?  We had no idea what we were doing.  Where do we put this pile?  Were there alternatives?

After some research, and even more discussion (debate) we decided that the cleanest, most compact and least troublesome approach would be to simply buy a compost tumbler.


Actually we bought two… Our process will be to fill one up, then let it compost away while filling the other with yard debris and kitchen scraps.  Then when the first is done composting, empty it and switch back to the second to compost undisturbed while the first is filling up again.  Good in theory but we’ll see if the process actually works and is practical.  We’ve started the first one but the second composter is still in the box.

The second composter still in it’s box

So far, the whole program is going well.   The vegetable matter is accumulating and is even starting to heat up in the composter.  And… I’m doing what I can to learn as much as I can about the whole operation.


…but there’s a shocking amount of information out there about composting on the internet.  Buying a book may not have been necessary.  It’s interesting how into composting people get… even me… usually folks try to avoid stuff that’s rotting… It smells bad and looks gross.  But everyone who I talk with about composting is excited about it.

Like I said, we bought a compost tumbler… it works like this… You open the lid and dump vegetable matter in (leaves, plants, garden cuttings, kitchen scraps, etc)… Close the lid, turn it over a few times to allow the axle inside to churn up the material inside  to add air, occasionally squirt a little water in if the mass seems like it’s getting dry… then go on about your business.



What about kitchen scraps?  Do you have to take a trip out back to the compost bin every time you peel an orange?  Well not since we got this cool new device…


We just put the scraps in this handy-dandy kitchen counter top mini-composter.  Then when it’s convenient, we take the smelly mess that’s inside the container out to the tumbler… I just did it for the first time this morning.  Unfortunately I had waited a couple of weeks to take it out and it was NASTY… So I’m not gonna wait so long next time unless I need to start toughening up my gag reflex…. For that I think I would recommend this to all those guys with pregnant wives… That way your gag reflex will be nice and tough by the time the baby comes and then you can look like a real man when change those nasty diapers.   This container has carbon filters in the lid that keep the smell from getting out.  And it’s unbelievable how well they work.  I had no idea how horrible it was inside until I dumped it.

I hope it’s not too optimistic to be looking forward to all kinds of compost next year to mix with our potting soil… We have yet to get our first load so there’s no track record to draw on.

I’ll keep you comp-POSTED as to our progress with this new hobby.

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about this...