Peak Baggin’

Donna and I are getting kinda tired of being homebound over this winter.  But what to do?  Not gonna lie, most of MY interest is in the Sierra.  Everything else I do is mostly about getting and staying in shape for the all too short Sierra season.  Yeah, I know, that’s pretty one dimensional.  And it’s kind of a problem… Unfortunately (or if you ask the farmers in the Central Valley, ‘Fortunately’) this year has had a lot precipitation… read SNOW in the Sierra.  So the Sierra is off limits until… well for a long time.  So now what do I do?  Well Donna has a little broader view, which I’m grateful for… And so together we came up with a new hiking undertaking that has my interest a little bit.  We’re making a list of peaks in the region… The Bay Area, the Big Sur region, the Ventana Wilderness, Marin County, the East Bay and then some other peaks of interest. Then we’re gonna start climbing em… one by one and as we do, we’ll cross em off our list.  They’re mostly local so there’s no snow issue… no excuse.  But I do want to climb White Mountain in the White Mountain Range east of the Sierra Nevada. Not sure if it should be on this list but I don’t want to forget it.  At 14,246′, it’s the second highest mountain in California so interesting from that aspect.

Right now our list includes:

  • Pinion Peak near Garland Ranch – 2249′
  • Montera – 865′ (near Pacifica)
  • Chalk Mountain – 1609′ (near Big Basin) – done 2/6/16 (see post)
  • Mission Peak – 2516′ (East of Fremont)
  • Black Mountain (Toro Park) – 2243′
  • Mount El Sombroso – 2999′ (NW of Mt Umunhum)
  • Mt Umunhum – 3486′ (area closed)
  • Cone Peak – 5155′ (Ventana area)
  • Mount Carmel – 4417′ (most northerly peak in Ventana Wilderness)
  • Manual Peak – 3379′ (due north of Big Sur Station)
  • Mt Tamalpias – 2571′ (Marin)
  • Anderson/Marble Peak – 4090’/4031′ (just inland from Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park)
  • White Mountain – 14,246′ (White Mountain Range)
  • Loma Prieta – 3786′ (highest in Santa Cruz range – also on private property)
  • Mt. Defiance (2657′) in Pinnacles NP
  • Mt Wittenberg (1407′) tallest point in Pt Reyes

  • Timber Top – done 3/26/16 (see post)
  • South Chalone Peak (3269′) 2nd highest point in Pinnacles NP

  • North Chalone Peak (3304′) highest point in Pinnacles NP

  • Garrapata Doud Peak (1977′) – done but need to do again and document

  • McAbee Mountain (1837′) in Big Basin

  • Buzzard’s Roost (2100′) in Big Basin – might be highest point in Big Basin – also called Pine Mountain – done 3/13/16 (see post)

  • Eagle Rock (2488′) in Big Basin

  • Rose Peak
  • Ventana Double Cone (4853′)

But this isn’t all… just the first ones we came up with over the weekend.  I’ll add more as we go along.  However what I’d like to do is narrow the list down a bit   But it’s early in this process.  We’ll figure out what to do as we start climbing some of them.

Oh and this might be fun to do for specific local trails too… but that’s material for another post.