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Momma Bear’s Birthday

Donna’s birthday is always on 4/13 and it wasn’t any different this year.  The thing that’s different is that we’re all runnin’ around doin’ stuff so it was hard gettin’ all together on a weeknight.  HOWEVER, we lucked out.  Jack’s class that normally gets out after 10PM on Mondays finished early and so Jack came home…. and bonus… he came home bearing an especially fun present from his… not Facebook official…. girlfriend, Kalika.

She made a stunning cake for the occasion.  Now then when we first saw it it looked like just a normal (and now a little lopsided, thanks to all the handling it took to get it to our house) cake.  BUT… when we cut into it… SURPRISE!  … Absolutely unbelievable… my first thought of course was that she stacked all these little cubes into a cylinder… but that was probably not right.  After that it was fun trying to figure out how she did it.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and pretty much stole the show.  That’s okay cuz all our gifts were a little on the weak side anyway.

Thank you Kalika… Yer the best!


Spencer’s 21st Birthday

Spencer turned 21 on Saturday (10/11/14).  How crazy is that?  Both our boys are over 21 now.

We celebrated as a family that evening.  And I, of course couldn’t resist the urge to record the event for posterity.  Spencer was a sport which made it fun.

We took him to the liquor store on Graham Hill Road for his first legal alcohol purchase, then had dinner at El Jardin’s in Santa Cruz.  Spence had the chimichanga… his usual.  Donna and I were a bit over-served so had to rely on Jack to drive us home.

Father’s Day 2014

Okay so this post is a little late… Sorry… Our previous family blog was nuked by GoDaddy so we had to start over with this one.   But this one’s gonna be better. So I guess it’s not all bad news.  And okay, so I woulda been late with this post on the old blog anyway.  But that’s my excuse.

So this year for Father’s Day, someone had the brilliant idea (probably me – genius huh?) of hiking the San Lorenzo River from The Buckeye Trail to the train trestle.  Didn’t seem like all that far…  But it turned out to be 8.8 miles… Oy!


And the river was higher than I thought it would be… double Oy… Isn’t there supposed to be a raging drought happening right now?  What’s with all this water?  But I digress….

Brief summary of the day… We drove down to the parking lot near the Buckeye Trail head, parked and proceeded on foot… Was a pleasant hike down to the river… longer than I thought it would be but still pleasant.  Then it was time to enter the water… Oy… cold… but we were on a mission and quickly got used to the water… Then it was time to hike… Wading wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be… rocks, rocks, rocks… bushes, hardly any sand or anything smooth anywhere… good heavens!  Things weren’t going very fast, or fast enough.  We had dinner reservations… So way sooner than planned we exited the water and took to the trails to dash back to one of our cars and waiting showers… and of course… our dinner reservation.   I could definitely belabor all this… but I’ll let some of the pictures do the talking… My biggest joy (and it was a big one) was getting to spend this time with Donna and the boys.