Jack is Off to Whistler for the Month

At the crack of dawn this morning… (maybe even before), Jack left the driveway and stole off to Whistler, BC for 2014 episode of Crankworx.  He’ll be gone until the 25th when we’re all gonna reconvene at home for a Shasta climb later that week (if all goes well).   I’m sure that there’ll be more on this Shasta climb in later posts so I won’t carry on about it now.

After that week, both Spencer and Jack will be going back to school.  I’m sure that they’re just thrilled.

More Pictures of our Hyatt Lake Backpacking Trip


2014-07-27 19.37.32

Our butt imprints on the beach where we watched the sunset.

Additional pictures



Rainwater Catchment System

2014-08-02 08.21.51

2014-08-02 08.22.46

Recently installed a rainwater catchment system here at Casa Fogelquist.  It wasn’t quite finished when this video was done.  However now it’s completely functional.  Of course during the drought there has been no rain to initially fill the tanks.  However the water we use to water the plants on our patio is collected and directed into the tanks.  So we now have over 1000 gallons of this recycled water to use for watering.

I’m still working out the bugs… For instance recently we had a pipe burst and lost about 400 gallons… Doh!


Hyatt Lake Trip – First Post EVER

2014-07-28 07.44.57

Donna and I just got back from four days of backpacking in the Emigrant Wilderness Area.  I took this video of her as we were climbing out from the lake… It’s just a taste of the vast expanses of granite in the area.  You can hear us breathing hard as we climbed in the thin air.

The lake is incredibly remote… There are no trails that we could find that lead to it.  We navigated by GPS and following the sporadic cairns until finally we could actually see it.  But the lake was worth it once we got there. The area is absolutely dazzling.  And we were the only ones there to enjoy it.  There are some other lakes nearby that we wish we’d had time to explore… maybe next time.

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